Pinion Gearbox service
Pinion Gearbox service

MassiveBikes is the Official Service Partner for Pinion in Hungary

This kind of transmission-technology is unique among bike industry. Maintenance-free and stiff solution for gearing. It needs regular checkups yearly and some service if cables gone wrong. Yearly oil change is necessary for long and smooth running. Oil can be replaced at home but we have a service for that also. Here are the product and service list for Pinion maintenance.

Pinion Gearbox Oil:

Original Oil for Pinion Gearbox. The exhange of oil is recommended every year or every 10 000km.

Pinion Gearbox Oil change labor:

We offer a full service as Oil change which contains only the labor and no oil.

Pinion Gearbox Shifting Cable set:

If the cables are ripped or damaged this cable set is needed for replacement.

Pinion Gearbox Shifting Cable change labor:

This procedure is not a do-it-home type cable change. It need proper tools and adjusting - with some experience. If the cables are damaged we recommend to let us do the hard work for You. This contains only the changing and re-adjusting, no cables.

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