Alfine Service
Alfine Service

Shimano Alfine 8 and 11 hub maintenance services

Some important rules:

  • Maintenance every 4 000 km

  • Always precise adjusting of ball bearings

  • No cleaning with high pressure water

Alfine 8 hub maintenance:

The Alfine 8 speedhub is a greased hub so there is no oil simmering in it. This means only dustcaps should be changed. Basic maintenance consists of cleaning and greasing the hub with new dust caps. If the axle clicks, this service is needed.

Alfine 11 hub maintenance:

This hub is an internally oiled hub so the simmerings can be damaged by dust. There are dust caps also. Basic maintenance is about cleaning inside, adjsuting bearings and re-assembling with fresh oil.

Alfine 11 hub oil change:

It is only a simple oil change - oil not included.

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