Rohloff Service
Rohloff Service

MassiveBikes is an Official Partner of Rohloff in Hungary.

This Speedhub is said to be the best all over the world. It means it has a wide range of service support offering solution for any kind of problem with the Rohloff Speedhub. We offer support for that.

Speedhub maintenance:

We are entitled to work with any kind of problem with the Rohloff Speedhub. It can be a simple oil change or a complicated warranty service also. The variety of the service differs in a wide range so our labor costs for the service is unit-based. It means they work like credits for the service. The costs are individually calculated.

Rohloff Oil for Speedhub - wigh out

One set of the cleaning oil and the Speedhub oil without containers - only the oil wighed out in portions. This can not be shipped, available only in our workshop. Speedhub drain screw included.

Rohloff Oil change labor:

We offer a service for changing the oil in the Rohloff Speedhub. It contains the full labor, including cleaning and pouring the new oil in. This service needs the product above. Weighed in oil and drain screw.

Rohloff Shifting Cable set:

Original Rohloff Speedhub cable set which is necessary if cables are damaged or ripped.

Rohloff Cable change labor:

If cables are damaged or ripped we offer a service of changing the cables and adjusting the shifting for the Speedhub.

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