Gates belt conversion
Gates belt conversion

For assembling the Gates Carbon Drive System beltdrive the bicycle shall be transformed a bit - if there is no joint point on the rear triangle of the frame. Belt can not be splitted like chain and that is why we have to build a splitting eye into the frame's rear triangle. It is the best way to solve this situation and it is fully safe for the frame. Even more, the belt should be tensioned to the right tension. Either there is a sliding dropout or an eccentrik bottom bracket in the frame, one of them is needed for the tension. If none of them is available then the vertical dropout should be changed for a sliding one - or an extra part is needed for tensioning - the Trickstuff Exzentriker bottom bracket part (available here in our webshop). Here is our specified service-list for belt conversion:

Splitting joint:

The splitting joint is built in the right chainstay of the frame so that the belt can be taken in and out of the rear triangle with no harm for neither the belt nor the frame. If the frame has vertical dropout and eccentric bottom bracket or it has a sliding dropout, only this service of modification is needed for the conversion.

Dropout exchange:

If there is a vertical dropout and exchanging the dropout seems a better idea than building in an eccentric bottom bracket, then there is a way to change the vertical dropouts to tensionable, sliding, horizontal dropouts. We do not recommend this modification with V-brake-only frames, only frames with disc or roller-style brakes.

Splitting joint + Dropout exhange:

Previous two services of ours in one. It is recommended if the frame has a vertical dropout and the eccentric bottom bracket is not a solution. It is recommended mainly with CDN system due to the crankset - eccentric bottom bracket goes only with integrated-axle cranksets.

Belt-tension adjusting:

If a proper setting is needed with a excelent tool that You do not need at home. Exact belt tensioning is important for long, reliable and silent running.

Belt system installing:

If You have just bought a Gates Carbon Drive belt system and You have a splittable and tensionable frame and need the proper installation for it, then this is the service You need. This service contains only the installing (no parts included).

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